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Article 8 : correspondence

8.1 To maintain the confidentiality of discussions, address potential privacy issues and ensure a healthy work environment for all Employees of the University of Ottawa, all correspondence between the Parties arising out of or incidental to this Agreement, except where otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, shall pass between the designated Officer of the Union, CUPE Local 2626 and Academic Labour Relations. Official correspondence delivered in paper form shall be on letterhead and hand-signed. Electronic communications will be prefrerred and will also be considered official; however, either party reserves the right to require a physical hand-signed version of any given item.

8.2 Where the Agreement specifies notice in writing or requires the exchange of correspondence, the use of the University’s email and/or internal post system shall be considered sufficient.

8.3 For the purposes of the present Collective Agreement, and in the absence of proof to the contrary, receipt of any notice or other correspondence shall be deemed to have occurred five (5) Working Days after the date of expedition.

8.4 Where an Employee is on leave in accordance with this Collective Agreement, the Employer shall forward any notice or other documentation related to the Employee's status as an Employee to their last known mailing address and email address.

8.5 A copy of all correspondence from the Employer or its representative(s) to any Employee, relating to appointments or the terms and conditions of appointment other than a letter of appointment when it corresponds in all significant respects to the job posting shall be forwarded to the Union. The Union Representative(s) may consult an Employee's Personal File in the presence of an Employer representative during regular Unit business hours, after giving five (5) days notice and upon presentation of written consent of the Employee and may obtain, at Union expense, copies of any document therein.