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Article 9 : labour/management committee

9.1 Labour/Management Committee

9.1.1 Composition

The Union and the Employer acknowledge the mutual benefit of joint consultation and agree therefore that there shall be a joint Labour/Management Committee. Each Party shall designate three (3) or more persons to attend meetings and shall determine the capacity (representatives, counsellors, observers, etc.) in which they are attending.; it is understood that up to only three (3) designates of each party may vote, where an equal number of voters are present for both Parties, and that the designates need not be members of the Bargaining Unit or of management. Each Party shall designate one of its representatives as co-chairperson, and the two persons so designated shall alternate in presiding over meetings. Meetings shall be scheduled in advance for a period of one year on dates and at times and locations mutually satisfactory. The committee will meet every six (6) weeks with the first meeting of the year being held in September and the last in August. Topics to be discussed together with the list of persons attending and the capacity in which they shall attend shall be provided to each other at least seven (7) calendar days prior to the meeting. Should one of the two Parties not have any points to add, it must advise the other party within the same time period. Either party may cancel the scheduled meeting by mutual agreement. Additionally, urgent or special meetings may be called at the request of either party including the topic(s) to be discussed and the persons expected to be present. Such meetings shall take place, at a mutually agreeable time, within ten (10) Working Days of the receipt of the request for the meeting.

9.1.2 Functions

The committee shall function in an advisory capacity only, except as otherwise specified in this Agreement, making recommendations to the Union and/or the Employer with respect to its discussions and conclusions, and shall not have the right to add or modify the terms of this Agreement, nor have the authority to act in a manner that is contrary to the terms of this Agreement. Recommendations from the Labour/Management Committee may be implemented by corollary agreement between the Parties.

9.1.3 Meetings shall not be used to discuss matters which are the subject of a grievance nor to discuss any matters which are, at the time, the subject of collective bargaining.

9.1.4 The Parties will have the opportunity to discuss environmental protection and sustainable practices in the workplace when the opportunity arises at the Labour/Management Committee.

9.2 The Parties agree to form committees as required by other articles in this Agreement.

9.3 With regards to documentation for the Board of Governors and Senate, the Employer will provide the Union through a DocuShare account, the public agenda and accompanying materials for meetings. The Union agrees not to distribute the materials unless the University has already published them on their website. If the Union wishes to express concern either to the Board of Governors or to the Senate, the Union may transmit the appropriate number of copies of its submission to the Secretary of the University, who shall ensure that copies are distributed to members of the Board and/or of Senate.

9.4 Chairs of Academic Units shall make available to appropriate Union stewards or Union designates copies of agendas and minutes of departmental assembly meetings, at the time when these are made available to departmental members, provided the steward or designate identify themself in writing to the Chair.

9.5 Meetings with Units

9.5.1 Once every fall and winter session, the purpose of the Labour/Management Committee will be to discuss implementation of this Collective Agreement by a Unit.

9.5.2 The Union and the Employer will determine the Unit to be reviewed no later than the first Labour/Management Committee meeting after the beginning of the session. The meeting with the designated representative(s) of the selected unit shall occur no later than thirty (30) days following the selection.

9.5.3 The designated representative(s) from the Unit undergoing the review, two (2) representatives from Academic Labour Relations and three (3) representatives from the Union will be present at the meeting.