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Article 6 : union security

6.1 As a condition of continued employment, all Employees and all future Employees shall become and remain members in good standing of the Union under its constitution and bylaws. When the Employer sends the contract to the Employee, the Union shall be copied.

6.2 Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties agree that the Employer may hire non-Students for posted positions when no qualified Student applies for such a position. The Employer will make a reasonable effort to ensure that these positions are filled by Students first. It is understood by the Parties that such non-Students shall not be included in the Bargaining Unit of CUPE Local 2626 provided that:

  • such non-Students are paid the basic rate for the relevant position as set out in the Collective Agreement minus the amount that would normally have been collected as CUPE Local 2626 dues had these non-Students been members of the Bargaining Unit and of Local 2626;
  • once monthly the University forward to CUPE Local 2626 a Properly Formatted list of the names of all such non-Students, their Employee number, the dates of their employment, the category of appointment, the Unit and faculty in which they are employed, and the amount equivalent to the dues that would have been collected for each of them had they been members of the Bargaining Unit; and,
  • the Employer remit to CUPE Local 2626, at the end of every month, the amount equivalent to the dues that would have been collected from such non-Students had they been members of the Bargaining Unit.

The Employer will make all reasonable efforts to hire Students to fill the positions as defined in Article 4.

6.3 The Employer agrees to inform all applicants, prospective members of the Union and new Employees by email that a Collective Agreement is in effect, and to include with each new Employee's notification of appointment, pursuant to Article 18, Postings and Appointments, an information kit prepared by the Union and including the Web URL where members can consult a copy of the Agreement. The Employer will also send an application for membership to CUPE2626 to new Employees in order for them to become members in good standing. The Union will provide enough kits to the Employer once a year and at least seven (7) business days before the fall session begins so that the Employer can distribute them in Units campus-wide.

6.4 The Employer shall deduct each month from the salary (if any) of each Employee a sum equal to the monthly dues and/or assessments specified in the bylaws/constitution of the Union.

6.5 The Employer shall remit the amount deducted to the Treasurer of the Union by the end of the month in which deductions were made and at the same time forward a Properly Formatted list providing, for each Bargaining Unit Employee the list of the persons from whom the deductions were made, the amount deducted, and the salary on which the amount was deducted.

6.6 Within ten (10) Working Days following the end of every month, the Employer shall forward the list of all Employees having an active contract during that month. The list shall include:

  • the name of the Employee
  • their Employee number
  • their phone number
  • the local or permanent address as furnished by the Employee
  • the Employee’s University e-mail address and Student e-mail address
  • the Unit where the Employee is employed
  • the Employee’s status as undergraduate, graduate or non-Student
  • the preferred language of correspondence
  • the category of employment (as reflected on payroll files)
  • Student number
  • program of study code
  • citizenship type
  • a reference to whether the applicant obtained the position based on 18.7, 18.5.1 (ii) or Article 30 or under 6.1 (b)
  • the effective date of the contract on payroll files
  • the contract number
  • the number of Students registered (if applicable), and
  • the list of applicants for positions where non-Students were hired.

All forwarded lists will be Properly Formatted.

6.7 The Union may make a written request to the Employer for an electronic copy of the relevant Job Description(s), and applications, for its review when advising on a potential grievance concerning an Employee or a group of Employees or when dealing with a potential policy grievance. Upon receipt of the Union's request, the Academic Labour Relations shall send the information to the Union within ten (10) Working Days of receipt of the request or a reasonable timeframe agreed by both Parties, excluding the time required for delivery of such documents by the internal post system of the University.

6.8 Disclosure of Financial Information

6.8.1 On October 31 of every year the Employer agrees to provide the Union with the following information for each month of the previous fiscal year:

  • Total value of actual salaries paid to CUPE members as set out in article 32;
  • Total value of Tuition Support Benefit disbursed to CUPE members as set out in article 26.3;
  • A financial report indicating the amount of monies deposited in the Conference Fund as set out in article 27.2 and the disbursements from the Fund for each application that was approved;
  • Total value of Employee’s Financial Aid Fund as set out in article 27.1;
  • Total value of payments to the Health and Dental Benefits as set out in article 26.1.

6.8.2 The Employer will make every effort to calculate the value of benefits paid out for pregnancy leave as set out in article 24.8.

6.9 Bargaining Information

The Employer shall make available to the Union, upon written request and within a time mutually agreed to by the Parties, such information as the Parties may reasonably agree is necessary for the purpose of collective bargaining, providing such information does not violate a confidence and is not reasonably attainable through the Union's own resources.