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Article 14 : probationary period

14.1 Any new regular employee hired shall be subject to a probationary period of three (3) consecutive months with the possibility of an additional two (2) months if the supervisor deems it necessary from their initial employment entry date into the Bargaining Unit.

14.2 During this period the employee's employment may be terminated at any time. The employee and the Union are not entitled to exercise the grievance procedure to contest the employee's dismissal.

14.3 If an employee must be off work for longer than ten (10) days, his probationary period will be extended by the same period.

14.4 During the probationary period, an employee's seniority is recognized and can be exercised once the probationary period is completed.

14.5 An employee who has not completed his probationary period cannot apply for another position at the University.