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4th class engineer employee in 3rd class engineer positions

The Parties agree to the following:

In the event that no 3rd Class Engineer employee or candidate apply for a Class 3 Engineer posted vacancy, the University may, in this case only, fill the vacancy with a 4th Class Engineer under the following conditions:

  • The salary paid shall be $5.00 less of a 3rd Class Engineer until the date in which the employee is certified as a 3rd Class Engineer.
  • The University will be limited to a maximum of three (3) 4th Class Engineers employee filling 3th Class regular positions, at the same time. Exceptionally, with a written agreement, the parties may add to the limit.
  • The 4th Class Engineer employees acknowledge and accept by way of signature, as a condition of employment, that should they not obtain their 3rd Class Engineer certification within eighteen (18) months from the date of hire into a bargaining unit position, their employment with the University of Ottawa shall be terminated, and IUOE Bargaining Unit membership, shall cease, without the right to grieve or file a complaint or take legal action.
  • In addition to the above provisions, all other Articles in the Agreement will apply to the 4th Class Engineer employees, except:
    • Article 19 'Leave of absence without pay', will not apply;
    • Article 23.2 'Sick leave' will not apply. Instead, the employee will accumulate half- days (0.5) of sick leave per month;
    • Article 31.11 'Long Term Disability Program' will not apply;
    • Article 25 'Severance pay and lay-off' and the employment security as stated in Appendix A will not apply;
    • All paragraphs mentioned in Articles 7 and 8 on overtime, call in and banking time-off, will not apply. In special circumstances only, when the University has a lack of personnel, they will be offered overtime or call-ins, in accordance with the Ontario Operating Engineer Act.
  • A 4th Class Engineer employee, who has successfully obtained their 3rd Class Engineer certificate, within the eighteen (18) month period, shall be entitled to seniority retroactive to the date on which he/she was initially hired by the University of Ottawa.
  • The University of Ottawa agrees that the 4th Class Engineer shall not be used to replace members of the bargaining unit for purposes of reduction of regular hours of work or overtime. The 4th Class Engineer shall rotate between operations and maintenance department for orientation and training.
  • As stated above the 4th Class Engineer employee shall be required to successfully complete the 3rd Class Operating Engineers Training Program as recommended by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (T.S.S.A.).
  • Upon completion of all exams and in obtaining a 3rd Class Engineer Certification, the 4th Class Engineer employee shall provide documentation to the University on their successful completion prior to the eighteen (18) month period. The University will then notify the Union.
  • For purpose of clarification, the Parties agree that the definition of eighteen (18) month period shall be consecutive eighteen (18) calendar months, from the date the 4th Class Engineer employee is hired by the University in a regular position.
  • The Article 14 ‘probationary period’ shall apply.