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Pilot project on the establishment of New Overtime Provisions

N.B. The Parties agree that this agreement is try testing two articles that can be incorporated into the next Agreement. The Parties will discuss all problematic situations surrounding the application or interpretation of these articles at the Labour/management committee. In case of disagreement, the University may terminate the application of these articles without possibility of grievance by Union or the employee.

  • In exceptional cases, emergency or continuity of work, the employee on site that perfoms a task that must be completed can continue the work and get paid overtime. The employee must have authorization from his immediate supervisor or informed him as soon as possible of that overtime situation.
  • The employee receiving the call in weekly allowance under section 8.4, which is called for their specific expertise or request to correct a situation from home, shall receive one (1) hour at time and a half (1.5). Should correcting the problem surpass one (1) hour, the employee will be paid an additional hour at time and a half. In a reasonable time, the employee must inform their immediate supervisor of that overtime situation.