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Article 6 : wages


  • Hourly wages from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019 are specified in Appendix B.
  • For all employees currently hired, all regular rates will be reduced by $1.40 per hour for their first year of employement and by 0.70 cents per hour for their second year of employement with the University of Ottawa.
  • For all new employees hired after ratification, all regular rates will be reduced by $3 per hour for their first year of employment and by $1.50 per hour for their second year of employment with the University of Ottawa

6.2  Lead Hand premium

  • Any employee who is designated as a lead hand shall receive a premium of eight percent (8%) of the basic hourly rate of his classification. When The Second Class Shift Engineer and the Third Class Shift Engineer are responsible for the sector, they shall be entitled to receive the lead hand premium as mentioned herein.
  • The Mechanical/ Plumbing Supervisor or the Chief Operating Engineer, Power Plant must replace a lead hand for any replacement of four (4) hours or more. These replacements will be offered by seniority in the sector. The employee replacing a lead hand will receive the premium of eight percent (8%) for the time worked.

6.3 All regular work performed on Saturday or Sunday, by employees normally scheduled to work on-shift on Saturday or Sunday, will be remunerated at the rate of one and one half (1 1/2) times the basic hourly rate. The hourly equivalent of this rate shall be calculated by multiplying the basic hourly rate by 24 hours and by 13 periods, and divided by 1669.71 hours. This equivalent shall be added to the regular wages of eligible staff under this article and becomes pensionable. Any absence for sick leave during the weekend must be justified by a medical certificate.

6.4 Any employee working on shifts and scheduled to work from 4:00 P.M. to 12:00 midnight or from 12:00 midnight to 8:00 A.M. will receive a shift premium of 0.70¢/hr. When the equivalent is included in the basic wage and becomes pensionable, it is 0.56¢/hr for employees whose work schedule includes evening and night shifts and 0.41¢/hr for relief staff.

6.5 If an employee, in accordance with the Ontario Operating Engineers Act, is required to replace an operating engineer who holds a certificate of a higher classification, he shall receive the rate of pay applicable to such higher classification.

6.6 The University will pay for the exact amount of hours worked during a calendar year. Unless the University changes the frequency of pay, the hourly wages to which employees are entitled shall be multiplied by 1669.71 and divided by 24; the resulting figure shall constitute the regular basis for paying the employee through a semi-monthly bank deposit, which will be accompanied by a statement indicating the hourly wage and the rate of pay for overtime

6.7 A seniority premium will be granted to employees with a minimum of five (5) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit, as follows:

  • a premium of 0.60¢/hr to employees between five (5) years and ten (10) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit;
  • a premium of 0.90¢/hr to employees between ten (10) years and fifteen (15) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit;
  • a premium of 1.10$/hr to employees between fifteen (15) years and twenty (20) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit; and
  • a premium of 1.35$/hr to employees with twenty (20) years or more of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit.