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Article 5 : union security

5.1 Starting from the first period of pay, all employees covered by the Agreement must pay union dues.

5.2 The University shall deduct from the wages payable to the employees covered by the Agreement, twice a month, an amount equal to half the regular monthly membership dues, duly authorized and uniformly levied by the constitution of the Union, and shall remit the amount so deducted to the Treasurer of the Union, once per month, together with a list of those employees from whom Union dues have been deducted. The Union shall notify the University by “registered letter” addressed to the Liaison Officer of the amount of such dues and any changes therein, and such notifications shall be the University’s conclusive authority to make the deductions specified.

5.3 The University will send all dues that have been deducted to the Union treasurer at: I.U.O.E, Local 772,

by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month following the month during which the dues were deducted. Such remittance is accompanied by a list identifying:

  • surname and given name,
  • employee number,
  • annual base salary,
  • amount deducted for the period,
  • total amount deducted since January 1 of the current year,
  • home address,
  • uOttawa email address,
  • preferred language of correspondence,
  • effective date of employee's departure, if applicable.
  • continuous service, and
  • seniority date in the Bargaining Unit.

5.4 The University does not collect any union fees in the following cases:

  • premiums,
  • overtime,
  • the employee is on unpaid leave,
  • the employee is on maternity or parental leave,
  • the employee is on extended sick leave, or
  • the employee is receiving benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

5.5 The University deducts union dues when an employee is on an assignment in a position excluded from the Bargaining Unit, as stated in Article 10.1 c).

5.6 In the event that union dues are not collected because of administrative error, the University undertakes, upon written notification by the Union to that effect, to collect the amount not remitted within sixty (60) days of said notice. The retroactive period for such collection of union dues will not exceed sixty (60) days. The Union shall notify employees.

5.7 The Union shall indemnify and hold the University harmless from any claims, suits, attachments and any form of liability as a result of such deductions authorized by the Union.

5.8  Meetings between a Union representative or a Union delegate and an Employee of the Bargaining Unit during work hours

A Union representative or a Union delegate who wishes to meet with an employee of the Bargaining Unit during the employee's work hours shall first notify the HR Client Advisory Service, Staff Relations sector.

An employee of the Bargaining Unit or a Union delegate who wishes to meet with a Union representative, in connection labour relations matters, shall notify the HR Client Advisory Services, Staff Relations sector, and the immediate supervisor beforehand. The Union delegate must also notify his immediate supervisor.

The University shall endeavours to accommodate such meetings. However, if operational requirements do not permit a meeting at the desired times, the Parties determines a reasonable meeting schedule as soon as possible.

5.9  Union Presence during Meetings between Employees and their Supervisors or with the University

An employee of the Bargaining Unit who is called to a meeting with a University representative regarding the employee’s employment relationship, employment status, a disciplinary matter, a grievance investigation pertaining to the employee, the settlement of a grievance or a work place accident (WSIB), must be informed of the right to be accompanied by a Union representative or a Union delegate, if the employee so wishes.

If no Union representative or Union delegate is available, the meeting will be postponed.


5.10 Union representatives are the only persons authorized to deal with the University on behalf of the Union and to negotiate and enter into arrangements with respect to any exemption or amendment to the provisions of the Agreement with respect to a employee or a group of employees. That said, the University administration and employees of the Bargaining Unit may communicate freely regarding such exemptions and amendments, both orally and in writing, without such communication being binding on the Union.

5.11 Notices, official correspondence and communications between the Parties are made between the union representative in the name of the Bargaining Unit and the Liaison Officer.