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Article 20 : strikes and lock-outs

20.1 No lock-outs, strikes, slowdown or other collective action on the part of the University, the employees of the Union, which will stop or interfere with operation, shall be permitted during the duration of the Agreement. Should another union go on strike and set up picket lines at the University, the employees covered by the bargaining unit to the Agreement shall continue to report to work and carry out their regular duties. However, employees shall not be required to cross these picket lines if the risk of bodily harm is evident.


During a strike which may occur following the negotiations to renew the Agreement, the Parties agree on the following points:

  • Participation in the Employer Pension Plan and various collective insurance plans will be maintained during the strike.
  • Payment relative to contributions or premiums to be paid by both employer and employees will be advanced by the University during a strike. Upon return to work at the end of the strike, the total payments made in advance by the University will be collected by the University from the four (4) pay cheques of employees following their return to work. In the case where an employee will not return to work for any reason, his termination of employment will be confirmed and the necessary amounts paid by the University during a strike will be deducted from his termination pay, unless he has advised the University before the end of the strike.