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Article 8 : trade union regime and union dues

8.1  Union membership

As a condition of employment, all employees will join the Institute in order to maintain their employment.

8.2  Union dues

The University deducts from every employee's salary for each pay period ending on the 15th day of the month any regular or special fee established by the Institute. Before the date on which a new union fee or new rate comes into effect, the Institute sends written notice at least thirty (30) days before the implementation of the new union fee.

These deductions are made in the pay period of the month following the start of employment.

The University sends to the Institute any special fees deducted by the fifteenth (15th) day of the month following the month during which the fees were deducted. Such remittance is accompanied by a list identifying:

  • surname and given name;
  • employee number;
  • annual base salary;
  • amount deducted for the period;
  • total amount deducted since January 1 of the current year;
  • class of position;
  • full-time equivalent (FTE);
  • home address;
  • uOttawa email address;
  • preferred language of correspondence;
  • status (regular or term employee);
  • seniority date;
  • faculty or service and department;
  • INTRA address;
  • effective date of the employee's departure, if applicable, and the reasons for the departure as they appear in the Record of Employment.
  • The list is sent in the appropriate electronic format.

8.3 In the event that union dues are not collected because of an administrative error, the University undertakes, upon written notification by the Institute to that effect, to collect the amount not remitted within thirty (30) days of said notice. Monthly union fee deductions are doubled up until the full unpaid amount has been collected. The Institute notifies the employee.

8.4 The University does not collect any union fees in the following cases:

  • the employee is on unpaid leave;
  • the employee is on maternity or parental leave;
  • the employee is on extended sick leave; or
  • the employee is receiving benefits from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

8.5 The Institute indemnifies and holds the University harmless from any claims, suits, attachments and any form of liability as a result of deductions authorized by the Institute and any information stated in 8.2.