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Article 7 : union recognition

7.1  Sole bargaining agent

The University of Ottawa (University) recognizes the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (Institute) as the exclusive bargaining agent and representative of the employees covered by the bargaining unit described in the certificate delivered in Toronto on January 25, 2008, by the Ontario Labour Relations Board (3320-06-R), and further recognizes that the Institute possesses all the rights inherent in such certification. The certificate and the list of exclusions issued by the Ontario Labour Relations Board, including the appendices containing the title and number of the position occupied at that time, are published on the University and the Institute websites.

7.2  Excluded positions

Where the University creates a position it feels should be excluded from the bargaining unit on one of the grounds prescribed in section 1(3)(b) of the Ontario Labour Relations Act, 1995 (OLRA), the University informs the Institute and provides the Institute with a detailed description of the position and its duties. The Institute has thirty (30) days from the date said notice is received in which to object. Such a dispute shall be brought before an arbitrator in accordance with the provisions of Article 14. The burden of proof at arbitration therefore rests with the University.