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Article 9 : group access to university services

9.1  Mail, electronic mail and miscellaneous services

After receiving prior approval from the Labour Relations sector, Human Resources Service, the Institute may send out notices or invitations by internal electronic mail. Such communications are addressed to bargaining unit employees personally.

The Institute may use the electronic mail address issued by the University to its staff ( to communicate with its members.

In all cases, the Institute adheres to University policy on the content of documents, in terms of style, respect and politeness between the parties.

Subject to recovery of operating costs, the Institute may use certain University services, namely internal mail and photocopying of documents. It is agreed that priority is given to work carried out to meet the University's obligations with regards to the University's student-related or administrative operations.

9.2  Meeting rooms

The Institute has access to the University's classrooms and conference rooms, subject to the same rules governing use, booking and costs as apply to internal University groups, in accordance with the rules of the Conventions and Reservations sector.

9.3  Group office

The Group is provided an office free of charge, and its location, equipment and services are negotiated between the Parties.

9.4  External representatives

The representatives of the Institute who are not included in the Bargaining unit have access to the University for the purpose of consulting with the Group managers, and participating in Group meetings, negotiations and consultations with the University.