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Article 6 : rights and obligations of the parties

6.1  Strike or lockout

The University must not declare a lockout and the Institute must not call for any form of strike, work stoppage or slowdown for the term of this Agreement.

In the event of a strike or lockout affecting another University union, an employee does not lose any wages provided he has complied with University or Protection Services directives and he is not be required to perform the duties of employees who are on strike or in lockout.

6.2  Policies

The University informs the Institute of any general policies or regulations affecting employees in the bargaining unit, insofar as possible, in advance or no later than the time it informs its employees. The Institute may formulate observations pertaining to them.

6.3  Other University personnel

Except in the case of strike or lockout, University personnel not included in the bargaining unit are not to perform duties normally carried out by employees covered by the Agreement, other than:

  • in an emergency or to provide an indispensable service where there is a shortage of employees qualified to perform the task;
  • for employee training;
  • where an employee hired on a fixed-term contract to perform these duties has not yet completed the twelve (12) months of continuous service required to join the Bargaining unit;
  • where these duties are performed by consultants working on special projects;
  • where these duties are subcontracted in accordance with Article 40;
  • where these duties fall within the scope of a confidential position excluded from the Bargaining unit on these grounds.

6.4  Specific agreement

No specific agreement between an employee and the University in respect of working conditions differing from the conditions prescribed in this Agreement is valid without the Institute's written approval.

6.5  University representative

The University acts through its HR Client Advisory Services when dealing with the Institute regarding any labour relations, discussions, collective bargaining and agreement issues.

6.6  Copies of Agreement

The University sends an electronic copy of the ratified Agreement to the Institute for review within sixty (60) days of its ratification by the Parties.

An electronic copy of the Agreement is published on the Human Resources website.

A hard copy of the Agreement is sent to employees who request it from the Human Resources Service (maximum of 150 copies).

A hard copy of the current Agreement is given to new employees wishing a copy at the time they are hired.

All costs associated with printing and copying the Agreement covering Institute members are borne by the University. The Parties agree on the composition and presentation of the Agreement before it is printed. Ten (10) copies of the printed Agreement are provided to the Institute.