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Article 42 : payroll

42.1  Calendar of pay dates

The University follows the payroll and direct deposit calendar currently in effect.

42.2  Recovering overpayments and underpayments

  • In the case of a payroll error resulting in an overpayment to an employee, the University provides notice of the error to the employee as soon as possible. Unless an agreement has been made between the employee and the University within thirty (30) days of the overpayment, the University begins deducting an amount of not more than 15% of the employee's gross pay beginning on the next pay until the overpayment has been repaid in full. Notwithstanding the above procedure, the University can recover only overpayments made in the twelve (12) months preceding the notice of the error to the employee.
  • In the case of a payroll error resulting in an amount due to an employee but not paid, the University promptly pays the amount due no later than the following pay date, if possible, and advises the employee the error has been corrected.
  • In the case of termination of employment, the University can deduct any overpayments from the employee's final pay.