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Article 41 : labour relations advisory committee

41.1 Within sixty (60) days of contract ratification, the University and the Institute agree to create and maintain a Labour Relations Advisory Committee (LRAC) composed of no more than three (3) University representatives and no more than three (3) Institute representatives. Each party agrees to inform the other of its committee representatives. A party can invite experts as necessary, but informs the other party at least five (5) days before the date of the meeting at which the experts will be present.

41.2 The purpose of the LRAC is to review and discuss issues, problems or disputes, other than grievances, pertaining to working conditions or relations between the University on the one hand, and the employees and the Institute on the other.

41.3 The LRAC meets during normal working hours four (4) times a year or as required, at the written request of either party. The LRAC may adopt any procedure it deems appropriate to its internal governance and keeps minutes of each meeting, copies of which are sent to each representative.

41.4 The LRAC may make recommendations to the parties but has no decision-making authority.

41.5 The Institute representatives who are members of the bargaining unit have leave from their work to participate in LRAC meetings without loss of pay and benefits.