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Article 24 : performance appraisals

24.1 A formal performance appraisal refers to any evaluation by an immediate superior of how well the employee has performed the assigned tasks and met objectives set for the period being evaluated. The appraisal provides an opportunity for setting objectives for the next evaluation period.

24.2 All employee performance appraisals are signed by the evaluator, with a copy provided to the employee. The performance appraisal is made available to the employee at the earliest possible opportunity after being signed electronically by all designates.

24.3 A formal employee performance appraisal is conducted once per year for employees who have completed their probationary period, according to the procedures established by the Institute and the University. The employee performance appraisal is in the employee's preferred language of correspondence.

24.4 The base year for annual performance appraisals is January to December. The University conducts performance appraisals within sixty (60) days of the end of the base year.

24.5 An employee on a leave of absence for more than six (6) months during the base year is not evaluated for that year.

24.6  Appraisals for employees promoted or transferred to a new position less than three (3) months prior to the month of December is based on their previous position and is completed by their previous immediate supervisor at the time they leave the previous position.

24.7 Unless otherwise mutually agreed, supervisors provide at least five (5) working days notice to employees prior to any formal meeting for the annual employee performance appraisal and encourage employees to provide a written summary of their work performance over the preceding period that includes, but is not limited to, achievements, areas for improvement, areas for job-related development activities and proposed performance goals for the next period. The latter is for purposes of discussion prior to the goals being established for the next year.

24.8 The performance appraisal process includes a meeting between the employee and the immediate supervisor. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the performance appraisal. The meeting is held before the final appraisal.

24.9 An employee performance appraisal that alleges an employee's performance is unsatisfactory outlines:

  • the reason(s) the employee's performance appraisal is unsatisfactory; and
  • specific recommendations for improvements necessary to achieve satisfactory performance in the area(s) the supervisor has alleged are unsatisfactory.

24.10 Once the supervisor has completed the performance appraisal, the employee is given an opportunity to electronically sign the performance appraisal and include comments, if so desired, prior to the appraisal being forwarded to the dean or director of the appropriate faculty or service. If employees dispute the accuracy or completeness of a performance appraisal, they can request a meeting with the dean or director of the appropriate faculty or service to discuss their performance appraisal prior to the dean or the director of the appropriate faculty or service confirming the appraisal and it being placed in their personnel file.

24.11 The employee has the right to include a response or comments to the performance appraisal. Any such response or comment is included in the employee performance appraisal in the employee's personnel file after the dean or director of the appropriate faculty or service has had the opportunity to read it.

24.12 By signing a performance appraisal, the employee simply acknowledges being aware of the appraisal and the information contained in it. The employee's signature cannot be interpreted as agreement or disagreement with the contents of the appraisal.