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Article 25 : working outside the bargaining unit


  • Employees who accept a temporary assignment and are replacing a person on maternity leave, sick leave or leave pursuant to an employment contract in a position not covered by the Agreement returns to their original position at the end of the assignment with all the rights and benefits they would have had if they had not taken a temporary assignment in a position outside the Bargaining unit.
  • In the case of a temporary assignment for reasons other than those listed in 25.01(a), the employee must return to a position covered by the Bargaining unit no later than twelve (12) months from the date the temporary assignment commenced. Any temporary assignment similar to the first temporary assignment that is accepted within twelve (12) months of the termination date of the first assignment is considered a continuation of the first assignment.
  • For the purpose of staffing and benefits, the University applies the rules based on the substantive position of the employee.
  • For wage increases and union dues to pay (if applicable) and all other working conditions, the University applies the terms based on either the collective agreement in force or the University policies in the temporary assignment being accomplished.