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Article 23 : probationary period

23.1 All new employees are subject to a six (6) month probation period beginning when they become a member of the bargaining unit. The period excludes any layoff period or other absence of more than ten (10) consecutive days. Annual leave and time taken off in lieu of time worked are not considered absences for the purposes of this Article. (Refers to the letter of agreement in Appendix, entitled: ‘‘Revision of the Institute‘s Bargaining Unit Description, Bargaining Certificate Number 3320-06-R‘‘).

In order to allow an employee to overcome obstacles to successfully completing the probation period, the University conduct a performance appraisal three (3) months after the beginning of the probation period. The University uses this opportunity to convey areas for improvement to the employ and create a plan for the employee to improve in these areas.

This probation period can be extended by three (3) months upon written notice given no later than ten (10) working days before the end of the probation period.

This extension notice is forwarded to the Institute and includes the reasons for the extension. If the probationary period is extended, the immediate supervisor develops a remedial training plan for the employee.

23.2 If an employee stops working for the University, loses his seniority pursuant to the provisions of Article 17 and is then rehired in a position covered by the Bargaining unit, the employee is subject to the probation period set out in 23.1.

23.3 An employee who has not completed the probation period is eligible for benefits provided for in the Agreement. During this period, the employee can be dismissed at any time. The employee and the union cannot grieve the dismissal.

23.4 An employee who has been dismissed during the probation period receives a termination notice as required under the Ontario Employment Standards Act or the equivalent in severance pay.