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Article 21 : regularization of new duties

21.1  Where new duties are added in a faculty or department and are performed by term employees, the faculty or department decides, prior to the expiry of a period of three (3) consecutive years from the addition of these new duties, whether they are permanent and must be regularized by the creation of a new regular position, or whether they are to be terminated. Term employees performing these duties are notified at the launching of the regularization process.

21.2  Where a regular position is created on completion of the regularization process, the position is posted and staffed in accordance with Article 18, Job Postings and Appointments.

21.3 A term employee who has three (3) years or more of continuous service performing duties regularized under this article and does not obtain the regularized position is entered, upon his request, on the call back list referred to in 20.2. Otherwise, he receives an advance notice of termination and severance pay, where applicable, in accordance with the Ontario Employment Standards Act.

21.4 After an agreement has been reached with the Institute and for the term specified in that agreement, duties not converted to regular positions by the end of the aforementioned regularization process may be extended.

21.5 Barring an extension agreement with the Institute, a term position created as part of a special project ends no later than three (3) years after its creation.

21.6 The Parties may at any time and by mutual consent remove duties referred to in 21.1 from the aforementioned regularization process. The Parties may also agree to postpone to a later date the implementation of the regularization process for those same duties.