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Article 22 : temporary assignments

22.1 Temporary assignments offer regular employees training and development opportunities in new functions covered by the bargaining unit without losing their regular position and the benefits related to their status of regular employee.

22.2 All temporary assignments longer than six (6) months in duration are posted and staffed in accordance with 18.1. If a temporary assignment of six (6) months or less is extended, the assignment is then posted for the time left, in accordance with the provisions of this article.

A regular position left temporarily vacant as a result of a temporary assignment is posted and staffed in accordance with the provisions of this article. However, the University is not required to follow this procedure to staff any vacancy subsequent to this posting.

22.3 Regular employees who accept a temporary assignment return to their original position at the end of the assignment.

22.4  In all cases, employees must receive their supervisor's approval to be considered eligible for a temporary assignment. Employees cannot be refused without a valid reason. If this reason might come up again with respect to the possibility of a subsequent assignment, the immediate supervisor takes the necessary steps to deal with the issue to allow for a subsequent assignment.

22.5 Two (2) weeks of notice is given in the following situations:

  • the employee wishes to return to his substantive position;
  • the University terminates the temporary assignment before the anticipated end date.

22.6 As soon as a temporary assignment starts, the employee selected for the assignment receives a salary pursuant to 18.7. The difference in salary received for a temporary assignment is not pensionable and does not confer entitlement to other employee benefits.

22.7 The University staffs term positions with employees on the callback list.

If no employee on the callback list has the skills and knowledge necessary for the position, the University posts the position as though it were a temporary assignment.

If the University is unable to fill a position in accordance with the above procedure, it proceeds with hiring a new term employee.