My InfoRegular non-unionized staff in a confidential position (NC)

Annual leave

Your annual leave entitlement is determined by your years of continuous service with the University . You do not accumulate annual leave while receiving Long Term Disability payments or when payment of your salary has been interrupted for any reason.

Annual leave entitlement is calculated each pay period and any increase due to seniority is adjusted as of your anniversary date.

You accumulate the following days of annual leave:

Confidential personnel

Years of service Days of annual leave per year Accumulation rate per month
At time of hire 15 days 1.25 days
1 year 16 days 1.33 days
5 years 20 days 1.66 days
11 years 21 days 1.75 days
12 years 22 days 1.83 days
13 years 23 days 1.91 days
14 years 24 days 2.00 days
15 years 25 days 2.08 days
17 years 26 days 2.16 days
19 years 27 days 2.25 days
21 years 28 days 2.33 days
23 years 29 days 2.42 days
25 years 30 days 2.50 days

For any period of unpaid leave of 10 days or more, you do not accumulate annual leave.

Each calendar year you must take at least one two-week period or two one-week periods of annual leave .

You may use your accumulated annual leave during the current year, beginning each January 1. At the beginning of each calendar year, you can carry forward a maximum of 10 days of unused annual leave from the previous year, in addition to your annual allocation of annual leave days.

If you have completed your probationary period, you may borrow and use up to 10 days of annual leave that you have not yet accumulated.

If you become ill while on annual leave, you may not take sick leave until your scheduled period of annual leave ends. If you are hospitalized while on annual leave, you may begin sick leave on the first day you are admitted to the hospital.

Leave Management System

You must enter your leave in the Workday leave management system prior to your leave or if this is not possible, immediately upon your return to work.