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Article 4 : job classifications

4.2 All Students employed in any of the jobs corresponding to any of the classifications set out in 4.3 below shall be included in the Bargaining Unit.

4.2.1 It is understood that there are persons employed by the University in existing job classifications not included in the Bargaining Unit who carry out research and perform tasks related to research activities. It is understood, however, that if a Student of the University is hired to carry out research activities, that Student shall be classified as a Research Assistant pursuant to 4.3.5 and shall be part of the Bargaining Unit.

4.3 The University will create no new job classifications, including but not limited to supervision of existing classifications, for Students that include in their job description tasks that are included in the job classifications set out in 4.3 without the written consent of the Union. When job classifications are changed or new ones created that include in their job descriptions tasks listed in the classifications under 4.3 below, the Union will be notified in writing as soon as possible by the University.

4.4 Classifications

4.4.1 Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator/Lab Monitor

Shall be defined as a Student hired to assist in the presentation or delivery of a course or to demonstrate, supervise, and/or monitor a laboratory or class and who may perform any or a combination of duties including but not limited to: teaching assistance, correcting, demonstrating, monitoring labs, conducting discussion groups or problem sessions, attending lectures if so instructed by the Supervisor in the context of their contract, consulting with individual Students, proctoring and tutoring.

No Employee shall be asked to replace or substitute for their Supervisor or another professor, nor shall any Employee be asked to perform the work of a professor such as teaching core material or replacing the professor unless mutually agreed upon in writing or by electronic mail. Whenever possible, a three (3) Working Days' notice shall be provided.

The purposes of such a short term replacement may be:

  • To gain university-level teaching experience, under the guidance of the course Supervisor or;
  • To replace the Supervisor, once per session for a maximum of three (3) in-class hours, when no short-term replacement can be found and when this would result in the need to reschedule the class.

When temporarily replacing a professor, Employees are paid at two (2) times the graduate Teaching Assistant wage rate, including preparation time.

For the purposes of this Article, ”teaching core material” refers to teaching material that satisfies the course objective as stated in the syllabus, rather than demonstrating, illustrating, or elaborating upon this material.

4.4.1 Tutor

Shall be defined as a Student hired to consult, conduct one or more remedial tutorial sessions or tutor individual Students.

4.4.1 Corrector (Marker)

Shall be defined as a Student hired to mark, grade, calculate and record grades of Students' work.

4.4.1 Proctor

Shall be defined as a Student hired to invigilate during an examination, and when required, to perform other related duties including but not limited to bringing exams to the examination room, distributing exams to Students, collecting exams at the end of the examination, placing the exams in order, coordinating other proctors, and delivering the completed exams to the appropriate place.

4.4.2 Research Assistant

Shall be defined as a Student hired to provide services in the context of carrying out research activities. Duties and tasks may include but are not limited to the performance of clerical, laboratory or any technical tasks, or the organization of research related events.