My InfoUnionized student staff with teaching or research functions

Article 3 : scope

3.1 As per the May 20th, 1997 decision of the OLRB, included in the Bargaining Unit of the Union are: all Employees of the University of Ottawa, in the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton employed as Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Demonstrators, Markers, Research Assistants, Proctors and Lab Monitors, save and except any person for whom a trade Union held bargaining rights on the date of the Application, March 27, 1997. It is understood by both Parties that Research Assistants funded through monies awarded to professors by external agencies are members of the Bargaining Unit.

3.2 The Parties agree that it is a condition of employment for all Employees that they be Students registered at the University of Ottawa.

3.3 Graduate Students working as Research Assistants who receive employment income as per Article 3.1 from monies awarded to a professor or a group of professors by an external agency are included in the Bargaining Unit and are protected by this Collective Agreement, other than the exceptions mentioned in Article 30.

3.4 Students who, as a condition of receiving a bursary are assigned a duty, assignment or activity that is directly related to the major work required to fulfill the requirements of the Student’s program of study as set out in the appropriate calendar, are excluded from the Bargaining Unit and are not subject to any of the provisions of the Collective Agreement.

3.5 It is understood that Soft Funded Research Bursary (SFRB) duties are not to include any of the following types of work:

  • Teaching or teaching assistant duties
  • Marking, demonstration, lab monitoring, tutoring and proctoring
  • Duties normally performed by Employees hired as research assistants for the purposes of 3.3.