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Article 29 : translation and distribution of the agreement

29.1 Translation

The Employer agrees to translate each clause of this Agreement from the language in which the clause was negotiated at the bargaining table into the other official language of Canada and to bear the cost of this translation. The Employer shall, within the time agreed to by the Parties, forward the translated version to the Union for its approval to ensure that the translation is satisfactory to both Parties. Where there is any disagreement as to the interpretation of the Agreement, the text in the language in which it was negotiated at the table shall prevail over the translation. To that effect, the language in which each clause was negotiated shall be indicated in the Collective Agreement by an asterisk next to the number of the clause.

29.2 Printing and Distribution

Within thirty (30) days of the approval of the translation of the Agreement by the Parties, the Employer shall arrange for the printing of the Agreement. Each Party shall pay the cost of the number of copies they wish to have printed. The Employer shall provide a web link to the Agreement to each Employee who is a member of the Bargaining Unit and subsequently to all new Employees, at the time of their initial appointment at the University of Ottawa.

The back cover (outside) of the Collective Agreement shall be an information page, printed on coloured paper. Its contents will be prepared by the Union on matters related to the Collective Agreement it wishes to bring to the membership’s attention.

29.3 Duration and Modification of the Agreement

This Agreement shall continue in force and effect from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2022, and shall be renewed automatically thereafter for periods of one (1) year each unless either Party notifies the other in writing within the period of three (3) months before the Agreement ceases to operate that it desires to terminate this Agreement. Where notice to amend the Agreement is given, the provisions of this Agreement shall continue in force until a new Agreement is ratified or the right to strike or lockout accrues, whichever first occurs.

29.4 Negotiations

In the event of notice being given requesting negotiations to amend the Agreement, the Parties shall meet within thirty (30) days following receipt of such notifications and thereafter both Parties shall negotiate in good faith.