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Article 28 : union and employee entitlements

28.1 University Facilities and Services for Employees

28.1.1 The Employer shall ensure that appropriate meeting rooms and voice-mail messaging are available to Employees who are required by their Supervisor in their job description to consult or meet with Students.

28.1.2 Where the Supervisor requires the Employee to make use of certain textbooks or other written materials, such materials shall be provided without cost to the Employee. When textbooks or other physical materials are provided to the Employee, they shall be returned at the end of the contract unless the Supervisor indicates this is not necessary. When any form of material, whether physical or electronic, is provided to the Employee, the Employee shall not make copies of the material, or make it available to others, unless the Supervisor permits this. When electronic material is provided to the Employee, the Employee shall delete the electronic material at the end of the contract upon the Supervisor’s request. There shall be no cost for the use of any equipment or facilities required for the performance of an Employee’s duties, provided the Employee’s Supervisor has approved the use of such equipment or facility in performing their duties.

28.1.3 Each Employee shall have an e-mail account and shall have access to computing facilities on campus, including the Internet, at no cost to the Employee for use in the performance of the Employee’s duties.

28.1.4 For the purposes of 28.1.5, 28.1.6 and 28.1.7, an Employee with an appointment in the current Academic Year shall receive an identification label issued by Human Resources to be affixed to their Student identification card.

28.1.5 Each Employee holding an appointment will be eligible to purchase software products under the University's Microsoft License. Members must show the identification label issued by Human Resources at time of purchase.

28.1.6 Library documents necessary for the performance of the Employee's duties as directed by the Supervisor shall not be included as part of the number of documents a Student is allowed to borrow according to the library's loans policy.

28.1.7 Upon request, every Employee may receive, free of charge, a parking permit which will entitle them to park in University of Ottawa parking lots not reserved for pay-and-display, parking meters or other restricted areas, at any time on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

28.2 University Facilities and Service for the Union

The Employer recognizes the necessity for the Union to have reasonable office accommodation on the main campus. Current rent, additional rent to cover general maintenance expenses, and other terms and conditions of the lease for such office accommodation shall continue from year to year unless the Employer serves a notice to renegotiate not later than three (3) months prior to the expiry of the existing lease.

The Union shall have use of the following facilities, equipment and services at no cost provided they are used by the Union for Union business:

i) room reservation and use of Employer’s audio-visual equipment;

ii) two (2) .2 Internet connections (VPN, e-mail account and Web site); and

iii) the Employer’s internal mail service.

The Union shall be responsible for any damage, loss, or misuse of the facilities and equipment in i), ii) and iii).

The Employer shall provide the Union with a bulletin board adjacent to the office space occupied by the Union on campus. The Employer shall also provide space on Unit bulletin boards to be used for Union posting.

28.3 Merger Protection

In the event that the Employer merges faculties or Units, the Employer shall ensure that all seniority rights accumulated by Employees in the former faculties or Units shall be recognized in the new faculty or Unit. An Employee’s conditions of employment existing at the time of the merger shall not be diminished within the new faculty or Unit.