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Article 19 : technological change

19.1 If an Academic Unit, faculty, or the Senate of the University discusses new teaching methods to be adopted widely, across one or more years of the curriculum or across a certain program of studies for example, and that these new teaching methods involve technological changes, including but not limited to the use of computer-related teaching methods, the University will advise the Union and transmit the related documents to the Union as early as possible before the change is made. As soon as practicable, but not more than thirty (30) Working Days after the Union is notified, the Employer shall meet with the Union to discuss the effects of the technological change on the group of Employees affected with a view of minimizing the effect. The Employer shall make reasonable efforts in ensuring a minimal effect on Employees when implementing these technological changes.

19.2 Where technological changes affecting the performance of duties of an Employee are introduced during an Employee's contract, and the Employee then does not have the required skills, the Employee may request training or reallocation of duties. When the Employee requests retraining, the Employer will retrain the Employee as per Article 20.6.

19.3 In the course of a contract, no Employee shall suffer the loss of remuneration that results from the introduction of technological change affecting the performance of their duties.

19.4 No Employee shall be required to produce work using software not generally available on computers in the University computing facilities provided under 28.1.3. Where a Unit requires work using software not available at these facilities, the Unit shall ensure that the Employee has reasonable access to a computer equipped with the appropriate software.