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Leave of absence (paid or unpaid)

You can apply for a leave of absence with partial or full pay, or without pay, for the following reasons:

  • To pursue studies, be retrained or increase your qualifications as a scholar, educator or professional
  • To assist or provide services to a learned or professional society, an organization such as the CAUT, AUCC or OCGS, or to a municipal, provincial, national or international agency
  • To attend court proceedings as a witness or juror (see 2.1.8 — “Court leave” for more information)
  • To campaign for or hold public office

You can apply for a leave of absence without pay for the following reasons:

  • To provide a community, regional, national or international group or project with services relevant to your academic discipline or profession
  • To care for a close family member

Except for court leave and public office leave, a leave of absence can be granted for up to two consecutive years.

While on a leave of absence, you can continue your participation in group insurance benefits provided you notify Human Resources of the benefits you would like to maintain and you pay all required contributions, including the contributions normally paid by the University.

To apply for a leave of absence, you must submit a completed application form and any relevant documentation to your dean at least six months before your requested start date. Your application is considered by the Joint Committee and a decision is made no later than three months following the date of your application.