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Sick leave

Sick leave is available for periods when you are unable to perform your regular work duties due to illness or an accident.

While on sick leave, you are entitled to 100% of your base salary and benefits for a period of 119 calendar days. Your salary and benefits are reduced if you receive any governmental agency or private insurance allowance.


To benefit from sick leave, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Advise your supervisor at the beginning of the absence. Should you work shifts, advise your supervisor at least two (2) hours before the beginning of your shift.
  • Should you be absent for more than 10 consecutive working days, you must submit a medical certificate to the Health and Wellness sector of Human Resources.

Difference between a medical note and a medical certificate

A medical note is any note or certificate provided by a doctor’s office. A medical certificate has a clear definitions of physical and cognitive limitations. The University recommends that you bring the University’s medical certificate to your doctor, as it contains all the necessary information to validate your sick leave.

Your note or certificate must include the following information: the date of consultation, dates of absence, the doctor’s name, registration number and signature.

Renewing your sick leave

To renew your 119 day period, you must return to work for:

  • one complete work day, if the reason for your second leave is completely un related to the reason for your first leave, or
  • 30 consecutive calendar days, if the reason for your second leave is the same as for your first.

Medical examination

At any time during your sick leave, the University may require that you undergo an independent medical examination by a University-appointed doctor to determine if you are eligible for sick leave benefits. The University pays for the examination.

Leave Management System

When you return to work, you must enter your leave in the Workday leave management system.