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Article 6 : wages

6.1 Hourly wages from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019 are specified in Appendix C.

6.2 The period of time and qualifications required to be promoted from one level of technician to the next, will be the following:

Technician III (Electricity): hiring level, requiring a college level diploma of Technologist in technical electronics.

Technician III (Instrumentation): hiring level, requiring a college level diploma of Technologist in instrumentation.

Technician II: will be given to employees who have acquired the skills of the preceding level and two and one-half years of experience. This level will normally be the highest level at which the University will hire new staff.

Technician IIA: Instrumentation: Awarded to employees having the qualifications of the preceding level, four (4) more years of experience than a Technician 1A, and certification or related experience for the following automation software applications: DELTA, ANDOVER, CATALYST and an application related to the Power Plant (ABB, SIEMENS, BAILEY), or a software system related to research-laboratory operations (PHOENIX, SIEMENS,TSI).

Technician I: will be given to employees who have acquired the skills of the preceding level and one and one-half years of experience more than the level of Technician II and who have also obtained a Journeyman’s Licence from the province of Ontario or the Industrial Electrician Licence of Ontario (for positions of technicians in electricity). Certification for fire panels will be required for all employees hired after July 1st, 2004.

Technician IA: will be given to employees who have acquired the skills of the preceding level and three (3) years more of experience than the level of Technician I. Certification for fire panels is required for all employees hired.

The movement from one (1) level to the next will be subject to a positive recommendation from the immediate supervisor of the employee.


6.3 This Article applies only for employees in the plumbing and electrical division.

The University agrees to pay 100% of the costs associated with recertification, at the time of registration, which will not be required to be reimbursed upon successful completion.

In the event that the employee is unsuccessful, the employee will be required to reimburse the University, as per Article 31 'Recovery of Monies'.

The employee is responsible to inform the Division Head upon success or not of the recertification.

Lead Hand Replacement

6.4 Any employee who is designated as a replacement for the lead hand or senior shall receive 5% of basic hourly rate of his classification or $1,40 per hour more than the rate for his classification, whichever amount is greater. When the University asks an employee to assume the responsibilities of lead hand position for five (5) work days or longer, this additional compensation applies for the whole duration of the assignment over the first one hundred and nineteen (119) calendar days, including overtime hours, and is paid retroactively from the first day the employee assumes the responsibilities of lead hand. Any employee appointed to replace a lead hand receives the full lead hand salary after the 119th calendar day.

6.5 Any employee who is scheduled to work between 17:00 hours to 7:00 hours will receive a premium of $0.15¢ per hour. This premium shall not be taken into account in calculating holiday pay, overtime and recall pay. It is agreed and understood by the University and the Union that stand-by allowances are included in the hourly wage set forth in Article 6.1.

6.6 An employee may be designated by the University to replace an employee on leave normally working in a higher classification. This employee shall receive the rate of the higher classification for the full day or for the time worked in that capacity.

6.7 The University will pay for the exact amount of hours worked during a calendar year. Unless the University changes the frequency of pay or the employee elects to work a forty (40) hour week according to Article 7.5.1 (a) the hourly rate to which the employees are entitled will be multiplied by 1878.43 and divided by 24, and such result shall be the regular basis for paying such an employee through a semi-monthly bank deposit which will include a statement of the hourly wage and the overtime rate.

Seniority Premium

6.8 A seniority premium is granted to employees with a minimum of five (5) years of continuous service (as of April 2005, the recognized continuous service for newly hired employees will be the continuous service accumulated in the Bargaining Unit) in the Bargaining Unit, as follows:

  • a premium of 70¢/hr to employees between five (5) years and ten (10) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit;
  • a premium of 90¢/hr to employees between ten (10) years and fifteen (15) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit ;
  • a premium of 1.10 $/hr to employees between fifteen (15) years and twenty (20) years of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit; and
  • a premium of 1.35$/hr to employees with twenty (20) years or more of continuous service in the Bargaining Unit.