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Article 18 : leave of absence without pay

18.1 The term leave without pay” refers to an authorized leave during which an employee does not receive a salary.

18.2 During a leave without pay, the employee’s position must be kept available, even if a replacement is hired.

18.3 To authorize a leave without pay, the following criteria must be considered:

  • the reason for the leave;
  • the duration of the leave;
  • the employee’s seniority;
  • the projected length of service after the return to work;
  • the possibilities of obtaining, on a temporary basis, a competent replacement;
  • the employee’s performance.

Human Resources Service is at the disposal of the director for consultation.

18.4 Employees who take a leave without pay may continue to take part in the University’s pension plan and all of its insurance plans.

The employee must therefore agree in writing, before their departure, to pay the total amount of these benefits, i.e. the contribution of the employer and that of the employee for both the insurance premiums and the University’s pension plan.

Human Resources Service will advise the employee of the amount required to maintain participation in the various benefit plans. This amount is based on the employee’s salary at the time of departure.

18.5 The Director may grant a leave without pay for a period not in excess for one year. A leave without pay for a period in excess of one year requires the approval of the Administrative Committee.

18.6 It is agreed that an employee may be granted leaves of absence without pay for less than thirty (30) days for personal reasons as long as the permission of the Supervisor concerned is first asked and obtained. Such leaves will not be unreasonably denied, providing that:

  • if the leave of absence necessitates a change of schedule and the payment of premium time under Article 7.3, it may not be granted unless another employee accepts to replace the employee concerned on a mutual relief basis under Article 7.6;
  • if the leave of absence does not necessitate a change of schedule and the payment of premium time under Article 7.3, it may be granted only if another employee of the division concerned is available to replace the employee concerned during his leave of absence. If such a leave of absence necessitates overtime pay for the replacing employee or necessitates the hiring of an additional employee, it may not be granted.

18.7 Any employee who does not report for duty shall be considered as being absent without permission, unless he previously has received permission from the Supervisor of the division concerned.

18.8 Any employee covered by the Agreement who is elected to an executive office of the Union shall receive every consideration of the University, to make it possible for him to attend Union meetings or conventions. An employee who is elected or appointed to an official position within the Union shall be granted, upon written request, leave of absence without pay for a period not exceeding twenty-four (24) months and maintain full seniority rights. Not more than one (1) employee shall be on such leave at any one time.

18.9 If an employee has to attend classes forming part of his formal training in an Apprenticeship Program of the Ministry of Education and Training, he shall be granted leave without pay with the understanding that the employee shall be receiving benefit from the Employment Insurance Commission. However, the University shall maintain in force during that time all fringe benefits, including the right to accumulate vacation time credits.