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Article 10 : seniority

10.1 Employees retain and accumulate seniority in the following cases:

  • in the case of an absence from work due to an accident or occupational disease of less than twenty-four (24) months;
  • in the case of any absence due to disability not exceeding 119 calendar days of sick leave;
  • assignment in a position excluded from the Bargaining Unit to a maximum of twelve (12) consecutive months and during that time the employee retains his regular position;
  • in the case of absences from work for permanent or elected union duties within the Union, to a maximum of twenty-four (24) consecutive calendar months;
  • in the case of absence from work for maternity or parental leave, for the total duration of the leave.

10.2 Employees retain but do not accumulate seniority in the following cases:

  • in the case of any absence due to long-term disability lasting more than 119 days which has been accepted by the insurer and for which the employee receives benefits;
  • in the case of leave without pay to a maximum of twelve (12) calendar months that has been approved by the University;
  • in the case of a suspension without pay exceeding thirty (30) days.

10.3 Employees cease to have seniority, and their services with the University shall be terminated, for any of the following reasons:

  • resignation, retirement, or voluntarily leaving their job at the University;
  • discharged with just cause, including any of the causes listed in Article 13.4 of this Agreement;
  • if the employee is laid off, he retains his seniority in the Bargaining Unit for the purposes of recalls for a period of twenty-four (24) consecutive months;
  • absence due to disability after the twenty-fourth (24) month of extended disability leave. In this case, if the employee is receiving long term benefits, he will continue to be given benefits as stated in the insurance contract;
  • in the case of absence without notice and without reasonable excuse exceeding five (5) consecutive workdays.