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Article 11 : promotions, demotions, lay-offs and recalls

11.1 When the University decides to fill a vacant position included in the Bargaining Unit, the University informs the Union about the content of the posting before starting the hiring process with the Human Resources Service.

11.2 Subject as here and after provided in this article, competence shall be the determining factor in all matters, affecting promotions, demotions, lay-offs and recalls.

11.3 When there is a vacant position, the competence of the internal applicants shall be given primary consideration, and if there is any choice to be made between two (2) or more internal candidates having equal competence, the senior employee in the Bargaining Unit shall receive preference.

11.4 In case of lay-offs, seniority in a given job classification in a division shall be the determining factor. The employee having the least seniority in a given job classification shall be laid off first. In this case, the Parties will establish together a classification seniority list applicable to the lay-offs. The parties may also discuss alternative measures,

11.5 When an employee is laid off he shall have the option of displacing an employee in a lower job classification providing he is competent to do the job and he has more seniority within the Bargaining Unit in the division concerned than the employee in the lower job classification. When an employee exercises this option he shall be paid at the rate of the lower classification.

11.6 If applicable, the employee laid off in a division can exercise his Bumping Right only if he has the competency and more seniority in the Bargaining Unit for bumping a less senior employee in another division.

11.7 In the case of job openings, employees previously laid off will be invited, within a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of their lay-off, to apply for any vacant position within the Bargaining Unit for which they are competent. At equal competence, the seniority acquired within the Bargaining Unit will be the determining factor.

11.8  An employee will lose his seniority and will be deleted from the recall list if he fails to advise the University within five (5) days of receipt of notice to return to work which he will have received and signed personally, of his intention to return or fails to report for work on the date and at the time specified in the said notice. The time of coming back to work could be extended by mutual agreement up to fifteen (15) working days.

11.9 It shall be the duty of the employee to notify the University promptly of any change of their address. If any employee should fail to do so, the University will not be responsible for failure of such notice to reach the employee.