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Article 16 : divisions heads, contractors and students

16.1 Division Heads shall normally work in a supervisory capacity only. Work now assigned to members of the Bargaining Unit shall neither be transferred to the University's other employees nor be carried out by external contractors without the consent of both parties. Exceptions may be made, in emergency cases to operate machinery and equipment, to repair it, or to keep it in good condition.

16.2 No contracts assigned to outside contractors by the University will have effect on lay-offs, or reduce the normal working hours of employees, or prevent recalls of the employees from the designated area because of the outside contract.

16.3  Hiring of University Students

In a spirit of training and support for the University of Ottawa, students inscribed in different Work Co-operative Education Program, in Colleges, Secondary's and other won't deny regular employees from overtime, recalls or any kind of work hour’s reductions.