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Email, wireless and other information technology services


Information technology is vital to the University’s ability to meet its teaching and research missions. With our society’s transformation from a manufacturing-based to a service-based economy, information technology is now an integral part of all management activities. This is particularly true at the University, whose main function is one of discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.

We all benefit from automated information processing. Here are some examples of the applications you may use:

  • Email Email, scanning, printing and docUcentre.
  • Office management software: Microsoft Office suite, Adobe and other Office applications.
  • Business intelligence and content management programs
  • General IT management services such as large-scale data management (i.e. client, supplier or student lists.) and research data storage
  • Student information systems (i.e. admission, enrollment, academic performance, financial data, scheduling and course information)
  • Communication management for fixed and mobile phones
  • The wireless infrastructure, including remote logins and millions of cables that run through the campus
  • IT support services Service Desk request
  • IT security for all data, servers and systems
  • And let's not forget system maintenance, a constant

University of Ottawa IT services are fairly decentralized; not only is there a central IT office, Information Technology, but there are also many IT services located within buildings that house faculties and services.

All IT staff members are fully aware of the University’s management and research requirements and do their utmost to meet expectations.