My InfoNon-unionized contractual staff in a management position [Policy 47 - NM/NMR]

Dependent child

A dependent child is a person who answers to the following criteria:

  • is unmarried;
  • is a natural child, step-child, legally adopted child, of you or your spouse, and who answers to the followijng criteria:
    • the person is less than 21 years old
    • the person is less than 27 years old and is in a regular full-time attendance at an accredited institute of learning and relies upon you for support.

A newborn child shall become insured from the moment of birth when declared to Human Resources.

Any mentally or physically disabled child who was insured up to the maximum age shall remain insured beyond such age provided the child, upon reaching the maximum age and thereafter, is incapable of self-sustaining employment and totally relies upon you for support and maintenance. Medical information may be required to provide coverage for any such dependent. It is your responsibility to provide any initial and follow-up medical information that may be required to continue this coverage.