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Article 15 : disciplinary measures

15.1 The University will apply a progressive discipline. However, when warranted by the seriousness of misconduct, this system may be circumvented and serious disciplinary measures may be taken, including dismissal, at the first occurrence of the misconduct.

15.2 After a period of one (1) year, the University will remove any disciplinary record from the employee’s personnel files, provided no similar offense has occurred during this period.

15.3 When an investigation that may lead to discipline is carried out, only the employee who is himself the subject of the inquiry is informed of his right to be accompanied by a union representative.

15.4 If the University wishes to impose a disciplinary measure other than a verbal warning, it shall call the employee to a meeting through a written notice at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance. The written notice informs the employee of the day, time, location and reason for the meeting and of the right to be accompanied by a union representative.

15.5 The burden of proof for any disciplinary measures rests on the University.