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Article 32 : positions and rates of pay

32.1 This Article applies only to Teaching Assistants, Tutors, Demonstrators, Markers, Proctors, Lab Monitors and Research Assistants who are funded from the University’s operating budget.

32.2 Remuneration

32.2.1 Appointments shall be paid on an hourly basis, as established in Article 32.4. No contract shall be issued for less than three (3) hours.

32.2.2 Salaries will be paid in equal bi-monthly installments over the period of the appointment of the Employee. With each payment, each Employee shall be provided with a statement of all deductions therefrom.

32.2.3 Undergraduate Students who are part of the Bargaining Unit and who have previously obtained a graduate degree shall receive the graduate rate of pay.

Assistant d’enseignement/ Démonstrateur / Moniteur de laboratoire - diplômé      
Tuteur - diplômé      
Assistant de recherche - diplômé      
Correcteur - diplômé      
Surveillant d’examens - diplômé      
1er cycle - tous les postes      

32.3 Vacation pay

The hourly rates set out in 32.3 include 4% vacation pay. The vacation pay shall be identified separately and clearly on the contract and each of the pay statements.

32.4 Salary Deposit

The Employer will deposit the Employee’s salary in a bank or credit Union account of the Employee’s choice, in Canada, subject to normal University policies and procedures.

32.5 Processing Delay

32.5.1 Payment of Salary

The Employer shall produce a pay for an Employee no later than by the second (2nd) pay cycle in the month after the Employee has begun the work, provided the Employee has accepted their contract by the time the work begins. If the Union advises Academic Labour Relations that a pay has not been produced for a given Employee pursuant to this provision, the Employer shall ensure payment within two (2) Working Days.

32.5.2 Unconfirmed Contracts

In instances where the contract is not confirmed and/or accepted by all Parties within ten (10) days of the actual start of the work assignment approved under section 18.4.4, the Faculty shall make arrangements for an advance payment on the remuneration equal to two (2) weeks' wages.

32.6 Upon request of the Employee to Human Resources Service, the Employer shall issue to the Employee a Record of Employment within five (5) Working Days.