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Article 11 : evaluation

The parties agree that the evaluation of courses and teaching by means of student responses to questionnaires is an important source of information regarding student opinions and degree of satisfaction, and regarding a Member's preparation for class and effectiveness in conveying the subject matter.

The Association shall be consulted at least three (3) months before the proposed changes in the system of student evaluation of courses and teaching are submitted to the Senate for approval. The Association's written response, if any, shall be made available to members of the Senate prior to their deliberations in this regard.


Employees will receive in a timely fashion any copies of the A-report of the evaluation of their teaching by students which become available. Should any employee wish to comment on this report or to have associated with it any other material which might bear on the interpretation of that report, the employee shall send a letter to the chairperson including (a) a copy of the A-report concerned, (b) any comments the employee wishes to make, and (c) any other relevant material. This submission by the employee shall be retained by the department or academic unit and shall be considered whenever A-reports of the employee are reviewed.


Part-time academic staff shall have access to the evaluation and advisory services of the Teaching and Learning Support Service on the same basis as full-time academic staff.


11.3.1 Formal evaluations of a Member's teaching shall only be carried out:

  • in relation to contract renewal for Long-Term Appointments in accordance with 5.13;
  • in relation to discipline for deficient performance of workload duties pursuant to article 6.

The evaluation shall be carried out in accordance with this article prior to the Dean or her delegate soliciting the overall recommendations from the Chair pertaining to the application or matter.


As a result of such evaluation, it shall be determined that teaching meets expectations, or that it is unsatisfactory, it being understood that meets expectations shall mean teaching performance that is comparable to a relevant group of peers in light of the application or matter under consideration.

11.3.3 In any such formal evaluation, the Dean or her delegate shall first solicit a report from the Chair.


Complaints about a Member's teaching may be taken into consideration only where the Member has been advised of the complaint and given an opportunity to reply thereto.


Any formal evaluation of a Member's teaching shall consider performance during a specified period. Except where otherwise specified by this agreement, the period to be considered shall be specified by the Dean or her delegate after consultation with the Member. The specified period will be no less than:

  • a minimum of three (3) years; or
  • the entire time since the Member's appointment at the University of Ottawa if fewer than three (3) years.

11.3.6 This consultation shall also take place before the report is requested from the Chair when a formal warning or further discipline is being considered.


Formal evaluations for the purpose of 11.3.1 (a) shall be made on the basis of the information contained in the student evaluations referred to in and a teaching dossier as per Appendix J.