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Workplace accident leave

When you are involved in a workplace accident while performing the duties of your job or when you develop an occupational illness, you are covered under the Occupational Health and Safety Laws.

In case of injury or illness at work:

  • Seek medical care as soon as possible and report any injury or occupational illness to your supervisor or his or her delegate.
  • Ask your attending physician to complete a Functional Abilities Form (FAF) or a Form 8 for an early and safe return to work if you are absent from work, and submit it to Health and Wellness.
  • Complete an Accident, Incident, Occupational Disease and Near Miss Form with your supervisor and submit it to the Health and Wellness sector of Human Resources within 24 hours of the accident or onset of the occupational illness.

Health and Wellness advises the Workplace Accident Board (WCB) in writing no later than 72 hours after becoming aware of an accident or the onset of an occupational illness.

Benefits while absent from work

When a claim has been filed with the WCB, the University pays 119 days of full salary, if you are a regular employee who has completed the probationary period, or the first 20 working days, if you are a regular employee on probation . After that, you receive cheques directly from the WCB for loss or earnings.

When you are no longer receiving your full salary, you are also responsible for paying the portion of the benefit premiums you wish to maintain while absent from work. Make your monthly payment arrangements through HRInfo.

While you are absent from work, the University continues to pay the employer’s portion of each benefit you are maintaining, as per the applicable laws.

Should your claim be denied for lost time by the WCB, any lost time is recorded as sick leave. If it is expected that you will be off for more than 119 days, you will receive a long-term disability form, if applicable.

Leave Management System

When you return to work, you must enter your leave in the leave management system.