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Article 33 : labour/management committee

33.1 A Labour/Management Committee comprised of three nominees from the Union and three nominees of the University shall be created to address minor difficulties and concerns which may arise during the Agreement. The Parties agree that the Committee shall schedule in advance regular meetings at least four times a year. The meetings may be cancelled where there is no agenda and either party may convene a special meeting to deal with emergency situations.

33.2 A Technical Training Committee will meet every six (6) months to agree on the next six (6) months of technical training needed by employees of Local 772-B and on the priority for such training. The committee is made up of three (3) union representatives and three (3) University representatives. Its recommendations are reached and put forward by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached for training, the final decision is made by the Director of the Physical Resources Service. The committee does not deal with training needs related to competencies; this facet of employee development is handled one on one by the supervisor and employee concerned.


33.3 The regulations for the Refresher Leave will be applicable to the employees of local 772-B. A Career Development Fund will be created with a maximum of $2,500 per year. This fund will be available jointly between the 772-A and 772-B groups. The guidelines will be defined and discussed between the 772-A and 772-B groups at the Labour/Management Committees for approval by the Director of the service.