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Suggestion Award Program

* This program is under revision *

A program to provide official and tangible recognition for those members of the support staff whose initiatives, outside their normal jurisdiction, have led to practical suggestions for improving operational performance and/or the quality of life or the environment on campus.

What can you win?

A sum of money and a certificate of recognition, awarded to you by the University, if you make an original suggestion that leads to improved working conditions, simplified procedures or savings in the operation of the University.

Who can participate?

Regular members of the support staff are eligible. Senior management, deans, directors, and persons directly involved in the Suggestion Award Program are excluded. The suggestion must be outside the responsibilities of your position.

What kind of suggestions can you make?

Suggestions must first of all be original, disinterested and in compliance with the law. Moreover, employees do not qualify for bonuses if they suggest something which is expected of them in the normal course of their work.

Proposals can deal, for example, with ways to save energy, material, space, or money, to eliminate hazards on the job, or to improve working conditions, procedures or service quality.

Policy No. 107 outlines the eligibility criteria and the related administrative procedure; please read it carefully.

How does one go about making a suggestion?

Suggestions must be submitted on the Suggestion Award Program's form included with this text. Clarity is of the essence.

The form should then be sent to Human Resources. The Coordinator of the Program will acknowledge receipt.

What happens next?

Suggestions are reviewed by the Suggestion Award Assessment Committee, and then by the faculty or service concerned who will evaluate the pros and cons and calculate savings, if applicable. If your suggestion is accepted, a certificate along with a cash award will be presented to you.

How much are suggestions worth?

The amount paid will equal 10 percent of the minimum net savings expected to be produced during the first year, with the award being no less than $200 and no more than $5,000. If the financial impact cannot be measured, the award will range between $200 and $800 depending on the scope, application and ingenuity of the idea. Policy No. 107 describes the point system used to calculate the awards.

Why participate?

The Suggestion Award Program affords a unique opportunity for you to have your ideas officially recognized. Moreover, there is considerable satisfaction to be derived from contributing to the improvement of your workplace.

Candidate submission form

Use the Suggestion Award Program’s form (PDF)