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Article 2 : definitions

Agreement (Convention) This collective agreement.

Continuous service (Service continu) A period of service without more than thirteen (13) consecutive weeks of uninterrupted employment relationship.

Demotion (Rétrogradation) The permanent appointment of an employee from one regular position to another regular position at a lower salary grade.

Employee (Employé) Any person covered by the Bargaining unit and governed by the Agreement.

Employee representative (Représentant des employés) An Institute Stewart who is a member of the Group, or a member of the Group executive committee or a representative who is an Institute employee.

Employment on a special project (Emploi pour un projet spécial) An employment contract for a special project with a maximum determinate duration of three (3) years.

Fiscal year (Année financière) The period corresponding to the University fiscal year, i.e. from May 1 of the current year to April 30 of the subsequent year.

Full-time employee (Employé à temps complet) An employee who holds a full-time position.

Full-time employment (Emploi à temps complet) Employment at 35 hours per week.

Immediate supervisor (Supérieur immédiat) The line supervisor who holds a position at a rank higher than that of an employee and to whom an employee reports. This person is the first level of authority for an employee. When an employee has both a functional line supervisor and an administrative line supervisor, the immediate supervisor is the administrative line supervisor. The title of the latter's position is identified in the job description.

Liaison officer (Agent de liaison) The Director, the Associate Director Labour Relations, or their delegates in Labour Relations, who alone are empowered to deal with any problems relating to labour relations, discussions or negotiations and agreements with the Institute.

Part-time employee (Employé à temps partiel) An employee who holds a part-time position.

Part-time employment (Emploi à temps partiel) Employment at more than 24 hours a week but less than 35 hours a week.

Personnel file (Dossier personnel) An employee's official file is that retained at the Human Resources Service. It is agreed that administrative units may retain administrative documents and that any such documents kept elsewhere or in any other manner are not considered part of the official file. After making an appointment with the Human Resources Service, an employee has the right to consult his file that holds the University and to be accompanied by an Institute representative.

Promotion (Promotion) A permanent appointment of an employee from one regular position to another regular position at a higher salary grade.

Regular employee (Employé régulier) An employee who holds a regular position.

Regular employment (Emploi régulier) A regular indeterminate position.

Temporary assignment (Affectation temporaire) The assignment of a regular employee to a term employment or to replace an employee in a regular position while the former retains his substantive position.

Term employee (Employé à terme (temporaire) An employee who holds a term position.

Term employment (Emploi à terme (temporaire) A determinate work contract.

Transfer (Mutation) The permanent appointment of an employee from one regular position to another regular position at the same salary grade .

The Bargaining unit (L'Unité de négociation) The unit described in the certification dated January 25, 2008, and for which the Institute is certified to represent (number 3320-06-R).

The Group (Groupe) The affiliate of the Institute comprised of University employees who are members for the Group of the Information Technology Professionals of the University of Ottawa (UOITP).

The Institute (L'Institut) The union, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

The Parties (Les parties) The University and the Institute.

The University (L’Université) The employer, the University of Ottawa.