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Article 13 : call back to work and standby


Compensation earned under this article is compendated in salary or compensatory leave or a combination thereof, subject to Article 12.

13.2 When an employee, after having completed his normal hours of work, is called back to work on campus to perform work for a period of non-contiguous overtime, he shall be entitled to the greater of;

  • compensation equivalent to four (4) hours’ pay straight time; or
  • compensation at the applicable rate for his overtime worked.

Any employee who is called back to work to fix a problem from home after having finished their normal work day shall be paid at least one hour at a rate of time and a half (150%) or double time (200%) if he resolves the issue between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.

13.3 If, during the time that the employee is performing the task that initiated the recall, an additional task requiring a recall occurs, this new work is deemed to be part of the initial recall.

13.4 Subject to operational needs, the University shall accommodate an employee called back to work between the hours of 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM by allowing him to retake his time at either the beginning or at the end of the shift that immediately follows his call back to work period or apply a flex schedule and start immediately after the called back to work period.


  • When the University requires that employees be on standby and available for Call Back to Work outside of normal hours, they must be reachable, available and able to report to work in a timely manner during this standby period. An employee on annual or on sick leave for more than one week cannot be on the standby list or receive the indemnity.
  • The University provides the employee on standby a communications device
  • The University pays him half (1/2) hour wage for each four hours of standby requested, regardless of any Call Back to Work pay.
  • An employee on standby who manages to resolve a problem from home is paid a minimum of one hour at time and a half (1.5) or paid double time if he resolves a problem between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
  • When an employee regularly neglects his standby availability by failing to respond to the calls made to him may have his name struck from the standby list for three (3) months. Subsequent failures to respond may result in removal from the standby list for one (1) year.
  • Standby is allocated so as to alternate among the employees who normally do the work for which the standby is required to respond to emergency calls in their sector. The University will endeavour to provide for the equitable distribution of standby duties. The Deans, Directors or delegates determine the required amount of standby. When a single employee normally does the work for which the standby is required, the University ensures that the employee can get, at his request, respite periods of one (1) week out of two (2), including weekends, when he is not required to be available.