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Pension Plan Personalized Information

Access the Pension plan personalized information website (User guide), in complete confidentiality. You will find:

Your File

  • View your personal information used to estimate your pension.

Your annual statement

  • If you have already consented to receiving your statement electronically, you will have access to it on the site. Otherwise, we invite you to activate the GO GREEN option located in your profile on the Pension Plan Personalized information website. From the moment you accept, this choice will be effective from the following year.

A pension projection tool

  • Estimate your pension from the University of Ottawa pension plan based on your assumptions and the most recent information in your file.

The Horizon module

  • Prepare a comprehensive personalized retirement financial plan with Horizon located inside the Pension Plan Personalized Information website. It includes:
    • a learning zone;
    • a retirement income calculator;
    • a budget sheet;
    • a questionnaire to establish your investor profile.