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Optional hospital room coverage


This insurance covers the cost of a private or semi-private room in hospital for you or your family members.

This optional insurance plan is available to you and your family.

Premiums are paid entirely by you.


You are eligible if you are:
  • A term employee who has completed 1 year of continuous service
  • A permanent employee
  • under age 71

Individual or family coverage will automatically match the same coverage as your Extended Health Insurance plan.


You pay the following monthly premiums:

Hospital Room Semi-Private Private
Individual $2.15 $3.03
Family $4.06 $6.63

The above premiums do not include applicable Retail Sales Tax (RST) based on the province of residence (in ON, QC, and MB).


You may purchase optional private or semi-private hospital room coverage. The plan will pay 100% of the charges for hospital accommodations in Canada above the amount covered by provincial health care, based on the insurance level you select.

If you apply for Optional Hospital Room Coverage more than 31 days after becoming eligible, you will have a 12-month waiting period before coverage begins. You do not pay premiums during this waiting period.

The waiting period also applies when you wish to increase coverage from semi-private to private hospital room coverage. However, there is no waiting period if you register for participation because of loss of coverage under your spouse's plan, provided you register within 31 days.


Optional Hospital Room Coverage does not reimburse expenses for:

  • Hospitalization because of a disability for which the person is not under the continuing care of a doctor.

Apply, claim, reduce or end your coverage

To apply for this insurance, to initiate a claim, to reduce or end your coverage, login to the Canada Life Secure Site - You will then need the following:

  • your contract number, which is 177714
  • your certificate number, which is your 9 digit uOttawa employee number, and
  • your password. If you do not have a password, you must first sign up online

Reducing or ending your coverage

You cannot reduce your coverage from private to semi-private and you cannot end your coverage without giving notice, during which time the premiums must be paid. To reduce or cancel your coverage and begin this notice period, inform us through the Canada Life Secure Site.

Help lines

You can contact Canada Life:
  • Via the Canada Life website or
  • By phoning the Canada Life customer service hotline at 1-833-794-0225

If you encounter any problems or issues, contact Human Resources at or 613-562-5832