My InfoRetired and deferred, University of Ottawa Pension Plan

Group insurance coverage for retired members

Life Insurance

Premiums, paid by the University, represent a taxable income.

The transfer service to the pension plan do not count for the recognition of the date of hire.

Coverage is as follows:

Hired after June 30, 1976

  • If, at retirement time, you had 10 years of service or less: $2,000
  • If, at retirement time, you had more than 10 years of service: 10% of your salary at pension time with a minimum of $2,000 and a maximum of $5,000

Hired between May 1, 1971 and July 1, 1976

2.5% of the salary at pension time per years of service (maximum 20 years); minimum coverage of $2,000 and maximum coverage of $100,000

Hired before May 1, 1971

50% of the salary at pension time; maximum coverage is $100,000

Health Insurance

You pay the premiums to our present Insurance provider.

  • Private or semi-private hospital room coverage – Contract number 177714
  • Extended Health Insurance (until you reach 65) – Contract number 177714
  • Dental Insurance (until your reach 65) - Contract number 177714

After 65 years of age, in addition to your provincial coverage, you can choose to participate to a group or individual health plan through an organization or with an insurance company such as:

The University of Ottawa is not administrating these programs and is not responsible for any changes done by the above service providers.

Health Care Spending Account (HCSA) for retirees

The Health Care Spending Account benefit provides additional coverage to repay unexpected medical fees and those your regular coverage does not cover. On the Canada Life Secure Site you can find a document that explains the benefit: who is eligible, which fees can be refunded, how this account works and how to present a claim form.

The annual allocated amount for retirees depend on the group to whom you were attached while at the employ of the University. For more information, please contact Human Resources, emailing to or phoning 613-562-5832