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Review the information and follow the processes under “Thinking of retiring soon?” for your employee group.


Within two business days of being notified by uOttawa that you intend to retire, Canada Life will email you regarding your post-retirement benefits according to your employee group and age at the time of retirement.

You cannot add dependents once you have retired unless you declared the dependent at time of retirement for retirement purposes or added a new insurable child or spouse during a life event (31-day window). However, you can remove existing dependents.

University of Ottawa Retirement Pension plan

Whom to inform

You must first inform your faculty or service that you intend to retire. Afterwards, please inform the Human Resources Pension team of your intention to retire and your retirement date by emailing

How much notice to give

We encourage you to inform your faculty or service of your intention to retire as soon as possible.

Depending on your employee group, you may need to give anywhere from three to six months’ notice. For more information on your required timeframe for giving your retirement notice, see your collective agreement or Policy 53.

Please note that you can’t revoke your notice of retirement once you give it.

When to expect to hear from Pension team

After you have provided the Human Resources Pension Team with your retirement notice, you will receive an email confirming receipt of the information.

You should receive your pension information package within the 2 months prior to your retirement date.

Personalized pension plan site

The University's pension plan personalized information websiteoffers information about your pension benefits, including the accumulated value of your pension. It also provides pension projections to help you plan for retirement.

Retirement allowance (if applicable)

A retirement allowance is a lump sum payment made in recognition of your years of service at the University of Ottawa.

You will receive information on your retirement allowance and its value from the Human Resources Pension team with your pension information package.

Please note that not all employees are eligible for a retirement allowance. To see if you are eligible, consult your collective agreement or Policy 53.

General Info

If you have any questions or would like further information, email