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Long term disability leave

If you are medically unable to work for longer than 119 days, you may qualify for Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits. The University’s LTD plan provides income protection if you develop a serious illness, are injured or have an accident that prevents you from working.

About nine weeks into your sick leave, the Health and Wellness sector of Human Resources sends you two application forms: one that you complete and one that your physician completes. Submit both forms to Canada Life (the University’s LTD provider). The insurer then reviews and decides on your LTD claim.

If you have exhausted your sick leave benefits and are waiting for the insurer’s decision on your LTD application, you may be eligible to receive Employment Insurance sickness benefits. If you receive retroactive LTD benefits, you might then have to repay some or all of the Employment Insurance benefits.

For you to remain eligible for LTD benefits, you must provide medical and personal updates when requested by the insurer.

Once your doctor allows you to return to work, the insurer and Health and Wellness work with you to plan your return to work. This can involve a gradual return to work schedule, workplace accommodations or a return to work meeting.

The University holds your position for you for up to 24 months while you are on LTD. After 24 months, the University can release your position. If you are subsequently deemed medically fit to return to work, the University works with you to find you another position at the University.

If you remain totally disabled from performing any job after 24 months, you may still be eligible to receive LTD benefits.