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Article 4 : union security

4.1 As a condition of continued employment, all employees and all future employees become and remain members in good standing of the Union under its constitution and bylaws.

4.2 On each pay period, the University will deduct dues determined by the Union from the salary of each employee. At the end of each month, the University will remit the amount deducted to the Union and forward a list with the following information: name, total wages paid, hours paid, union dues deducted, date of birth, home address, phone number and email, seniority date and job title.

4.3 An employee summoned to meet a University representative concerning their employment status, a disciplinary action or a grievance, can if they wish be accompanied by a Union representative. If the employee refuses, they will sign a form to acknowledge their refusal.

4.4 In connexion with Article 4.3, the University will make all the efforts to meet with an employee during their working time or immediately before or after a shift. If the meeting is immediately before or after a shift, the employee will be paid for the lengh of the meeting at the Lifeguard wage rate. If the University cannot do otherwise, any meetings outside working hours will be paid a minimum of one (1) hour and if more than one (1) hour, for the length of the meeting at the Lifeguard wage rate.