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Article 11 : technical skills and minimum qualifications

11.1 Once or twice a year at the most, the University wil verify the technical skills and minimum qualifications of Lifeguards and Head-Lifeguards. The University confirms its employees hold the required technical skill and meet minimum qualifications of the job. Employees must complete and demonstrate the technical skills to the Employer to be maintained on the staff list. Applicants who cannot pass the try-out will not be hired. Furthermore, those who are already hired must pass the try-outs. Employees appearing on the availability list are paid an hourly rate according to Appendix B for the hours required to conduct the verification.

11.2 The minimum qualifications for the job classifications of Lifeguard, Head-Lifeguard, Aquatic Instructor and Specialized/Advanced Aquatic Instructor are indicated in Appendix A.

11.3 Bilingualism (French and English) is preferred for Lifeguards and required for Head-Guards. All Aquatic Instructors must be able to communicate (spoken and written) in the language in which the course will be offered.

11.4 Upon ratification, the minimum qualifications required as per jobs descriptions will be in effect for all new hires. All employees employed by the University prior to ratification shall have their qualifications recognized, subject to maintaining the valid required qualifications of the present occupied jobs.

11.5 All mandatory staff training will be considered as time worked and will be paid according to the salary scale.

11.6  Access to Sports Facilities

In order to maintain their physical fitness, employees who are not on leave without pay under Article 5.4 of the Collective Agreement, are entitled to a free all-inclusive membership to access Sports Services facilities.

Exceptionally, some fees may apply in accordance with the Sports Service’s fee and membership structure.

11.7  Recertification

All employees who are not on leave without pay under Article 5.4 and who currently hold a certification have the right to take at no additional cost the recertification courses offered at the University pool in the following base categories:

  • National Lifeguard,
  • Standard First Aid with CPR-C/AED and
  • Airway Management.

11.8 Licensing Fees for Re-Certification

Every two years, the University will reimburse to the employee the licensing fees of the Lifesaving Society Instructor Certification.